Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Passion detritus

For years and year, I knitted teddy bears and other stuffed animals. I made a kajillion of them. And then for several years after that, I sewed dolls and teddy bears, about a quarter of a kajillion of those. Stuffing - fiberfill - was easy to come by at first and cheap. And then, the good stuff got hard to find and expensive and I was using a fuck ton of it.

So I took to buying 25 pound boxes when ever I found it on sale. I can barely fit one 25 pound box in my car so it was a strategic maneuver. But, a sale is a sale.

I stopped a while back - stopped making the stuffed stuff mostly. And I still have two 25 pound boxes taking up storage space in cupboards on my terrace. I might, one day, make stuffed stuff again but I might not. If I did get rid of the boxes, my fear is that I'd fill up the space with junk. But someone could surely use the stuffing. It seems such a waste to leave it there. But, I don't have really any way of getting rid of it easily. So it sits.

I did pack up all the swimming stuff. I'm fairly shocked at how much there is. There's a $30 pair of goggles that are still in their plastic packaging. All of it is now neatly in a box on the shelf in the closet. I can bust it out again whenever. I'm sure not going to get rid of it.

But, I have swim suit fabric that never got made into swim suits. And swim suit elastic as well. Now it probably never will. Wonder if I should introduce it to the fibefill?
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