Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Rainy and breezy day...

It's supposed to be rainy and breezy and chilly all day. My favorite weather. It's already not quite chilly enough but I would be silly to bitch considering what was on our weather plate just a week ago.

Periodically, I check on swimming around town. The city pools are not even close to reopening. My gym has pools in two locations. The one I went to every day (and is free to me) is now not accessible (bridge closed) and the other one's pool is not open yet. "We believe it will open in Phase 3." The gym downtown has a pool that is available. But, it is really expensive and the pool is short and no locker room access so you drive home.

But the major pool news is that I find I'm just not into it. I could actually go swimming at the expensive gym but I've lost the will. And I'm ok with that. Maybe I'll get it back. Maybe it will come back with a COVID vaccine and more accessibility. Maybe it won't. I miss the feeling of swimming. But I'm fine without it just now. I think I might gather up all my swim stuff and pack it away. Ready but not today.

So that's on the agenda today along with cleaning out my sewing machines. I noticed yesterday they both needed a good blow job. Also the sewing room needs some tidying up. I will do that.

I have a meal delivery dilemma. There's a new restaurant delivery service in town - Runner. They operate differently than the rest and I'd love to give them a try. My own favorite burger place has now decided to do their own delivery in my neighborhood. And I really want to support that effort. But, I have food here. I don't need meals delivered right now. I have food in the fridge and food in the freezer. But, I ordered a burger for lunch anyway. To show the neighborhood love.

The Mariners had Season Ticker Holder Appreciation Night last night via YouTube. It was kind of cute. They had enough giveaways of all kinds so that, I'm guessing, everyone got something. I got a Mariners sweat shirt. You have to make an appointment at the team store at the stadium to pick it up. Rather convenient for me. My appointment is Tuesday. At noon. The game today is at 4. Four games left.

Now I think I'll go get started on today.
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