Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My new pajamas are a total win. They are comfortable. They look fine. But, most of all, my crafty Fitbit pocket works even better than expected. I thought it might be annoying while I'm walking. Nope. The Fitbit app 'guesses' what exercise you are doing. All the other places I put it - in my waste band, on my shoe, in a dangling bag, had guesses like elliptical, outdoor bike, "sport"... Today, after a walk in my special pocket, Fitbit showed that I had spent 25 minutes doing a .... WALK!!! Ha! I tricked it into the right answer.

So, this morning I'll be turning yet another used bedsheet into some backup pajamas.

The embargo on reviews of the Fitbit Sense have lifted and I spent a lot of time this morning reading them. The reviewers mostly love the hardware and bitch about the software and the app. I am on the fence about canceling my order. That's a lie. I'm not going to cancel but I do question my judgement. They can fix the software and the app. I am buying it for the health measurements. I really would like a heads up if I'm dying. And, most of all, Google will soon own Fitbit and, hopefully, fix it.

Amazon says mine will be here by 8 pm Monday. I'm hoping for sooner.

Last night the Mariners played Houston. I really do hate the Yankees but I have a special resentment against Houston that even predates their cheating. My favorite Mariner was pitching and he often has a hard time against Houston. But last night he did not. And we beat the crap out of them. And it was just fucking lovely. The Announcer I Hate was on TV so I kept it on mute and did radio which was a very satisfying experience. It's conceivable we could beat them in the next two games. But the final three of the season are against Oakland and we are not going to beat them.

Now I think I'm going to shower and get dressed and go 'shopping' at my fabric shelves.
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