Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I remembered that tomorrow I have to read the paper and watch CBS Sunday morning and then watch the afternoon ballgame. When in the heck was I going to find time to put the a/c away? So I did it today.

It's a much bigger deal that it appears or than I remember every year. Filthy and exhausting. The filters all need to be cleaned and then the hose drained and then the spot where it lives cleaned out. I found a whole table back there that I forgot about and don't want or need so I hauled it out. Along with some other stuff I had stashed there for no other place to put it.

Then I tried to vacuum but it made this horrible noise so for an hour I cleaned thread that had wrapped itself around the wheels and brush and cleaned out the inside cup that had come lose from the outer one (thus, the noise). I got it all back together and operational and sucked up the stuff in the cubby hole.

BUT as much as I love that air conditioner, I so love my living room without it. It's just less clutter all around. I'm enjoying the view.

I also took down the cat door. Biggie has really enjoyed it but it's ugly. It's old and broken and the actual cat door is a mcgiver that adds ugly to ugly. What did Biggie do last winter? I don't even remember. The Smalls was here, too. Did they just not go out on the terrace? Must not have with the door closed. Biggie's not going to deal with that well.

So, I ordered him another door. This one is different. It might well be a disaster. But, I got 20% off. Guess we'll see soon!

I made a run down to the dumpsters with the leftover stuff and now I'm just enjoying my junk free living room! And feeling quite accomplished.

I think it's interesting that Bathfitters has not sent me a survey, request for review or even a Let's Us Know If You Have Issues email. Not a peep of any kind. Weird.
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