Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The outside world

My errands took longer than planned because Amazon website said they opened at 8. But the door to the place said they don't open til 9. So back the other way and through town to Trader Joes. I got everything on my list plus some soup that ljtourist kindly texted me about. And also some fab crackers. I had some crackers last year in the drawer. By the time I opened and ate them, I'd totally forgotten where I'd gotten them and I so wanted more. Turns out, I got them at Trader Joes! Today I got more.

And other stuff on my list that I did not get delivered. I am now set and ready for the next catastrophe that will prevent me from shopping. I'm fine if we don't have one but I'm ready if we do.

It was fascinating to go through town and see what businesses were actually still there. A couple had moved and a lot, of course, are gone. It's still freaky to drive through the busiest part of town with nearly zero traffic. My drive took me through touristy areas usually still packed this time of year. Not now. Nothing was packed actually.

Home now and groceries put away. My freezer is now full again.

I checked my spreadsheet and September 19 is the latest I have ever put the air conditioner up for the winter. But not by much. Last year it was the 17th. I am not unhappy about saying goodbye to hot weather. I am really not unhappy about saying goodbye to smoke and I hope it's a long long long goodbye.
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