Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And poof! Gone

Today the air is healthy! My breathing app says so, the state air quality meters say so and even my Dyson says the air inside is good. WOOOOOT!

The air conditioner is off and the door is open. It is cool and beautiful out today. By beautiful I mean rainy. What a long two weeks it has been.

After I turned the air conditioner off, it lost wifi connection immediately. I had thought maybe I'd wait to put it away for the winter but there are no temps above 70 degrees in the forecast and unless the smoke comes back, I won't need it til next June. I think maybe I will put it up for the winter. Maybe next June, it will like the wifi again. That's a good project for tomorrow. Meanwhile, the remote (which I never use because I use my phone which no longer works without the wifi connection) has a dead battery. It's one of the few button batteries that I do not have a spare of. Added to the list for today!

I'm going to celebrate clean air. After my oh so very excellent shower, I'm going out into the world. I've got Amazon packages to drop off and then I'm going to Trader Joe's. I'm sure it will be packed and there will be people everywhere with potential germs but I don't care. I'm doing it anyway.

I finished off a very satisfying book this morning. Dead Aim by Thomas Perry. I love all of his stuff so much. This was actually one that I read a long time ago and, happily, had no memory of so it was like getting a free read. I need to find a new book today.

Nothing else planned for today but who needs more?! I can sit here with the door open and listen to the rain. All damn day. After my errands. Wonder if the car still works?
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