Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

24 hours

The big ol' bathmat arrived (thankyouamazon) so when 3 pm arrived...

When they left at 3 yesterday, Dan and Darrell said to wait 24 hours to use it. So I did. Exactly. To The Drop.

It's wonderful. Just wonderful. I was kicking myself yesterday for not getting the low flow thingies out of the shower heads before they were installed. But, you know what? I don't think I need them out. The water pressure is fine. Lovely. And I tried using both shower heads at once... OMG really. Disney ride. So good.

But this may be the seat warmer of this decade (When I bought my car in 2011, I'd never heard of a seat warmer before. I thought it was the most magical thing on the planet ever. Turns out they had been around for years and not one single person ever told me.), but the Moen faucet thing is pretty cool.

You have one control lever that tells it which shower head to use. And one control lever that tells it what temperature to use. You pull each out from the wall to engage and then turn the lever to control.

What this means is... in case you are from the dark ages like me, sit down... you can set your perfect temperature and shower head use ONCE and then it's that way every time you turn on the shower!!! No more guessing. No more guessing wrong and scalding yourself or freezing your lady nuts off.

It's heaven. I love it. Color me a happy camper.
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