Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

White after Labor Day

There is so much bad info out there about white after Labor Day and I'm here to clear it up. I was raised where that law was made and in the time when it was strictly followed.

The law is no white shoes after Labor Day. Just shoes. White anything else is fine.

But, it's old law. From the time when showing your bra straps was never done, when women only shaved their arm pits and legs and never discussed it, when men never wore hats indoors.

A different time. Things that were once confined to trailer trash are now tolerated, accepted and often de riguere everywhere from the gutter to the throne. Different laws.

You no longer get any 'edgy' points for wearing white anything or wearing anything after Labor Day. Sorry. That ship has sailed.

In case you were wondering.
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