Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

90% chance of rain today!! 90%!

It's supposed to start raining at 11 am this morning. And rain all the rest of the day. I sure hope it is smoke clearing rain. We are back in the Unhealthy range (better than Very Unhealthy but not as good as Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups) but the smoke forecast for tomorrow is MODERATE!! We're moving on up...

Of course, a new round of smoke is due in this weekend. I wonder if I can sneak one teensy errand in between smokes. Guess we'll see. If we get to moderate, I might try.

I opened up the shower curtains last night so that I could see the beautiful shower from my bed. It makes me soooo happy. Imagine how happy I will be actually taking a shower!

Darrell told me that the best cleaning solution for the shower was a mix of half white vinegar and half water. Turns out that's what they used. 1. either it's not that great a cleaner or they used a dirty rag because my counter top's glossy finish was matte (until I fixed it with just, plain water. and 2. in a small bathroom, smell lingers and vinegar is just not that pleasant an aroma. When it still stunk of vinegar this morning, I stuck my sandalwood diffuser in there. Take that, vinegar stink!

And slippery. I stepped into the shower to hang my wash cloth on the grab bar and nearly ended up on my ass. Let's just go on record here, I have no interest in dying ironically or, worse, breaking any bones in my new shower which I had installed so I wouldn't trip over the bathtub ledge. We selected a kind of pebble finish for the floor so that it would not be slippery. Fail.

And, once again, Amazon to the rescue. This morning I found a 27" square white bath mat with a center hole for the drain. I just got the email that it has shipped and will be here before 6 tonight. I'm not even sorry about how much I love Amazon.

In other news, the susandennis in Illinois either has a new baby or knows one - big shopping spree at Old Navy yesterday - baby stuff mostly but boots for her. I so wonder what she's thinking when she gives out my email address and never gets any emails from these places. I still get her Paypal emails including the monthly statements. Oh and she bought life insurance.

When I was in college, I had a best friend named Heather. We were pretty much joined at the hip. We'd go to my house one holiday and her house the next one. One time we were at her house and somehow got bitching about never getting any mail at school. Her dad loved a good joke and originated many and traveled on planes a lot for work. Soon after our visit, we found out later, he spent at least a couple of plane rides filling out all of those 'send me more info' cards in the airline magazines with out college addresses. We never ever ever complained about no mail again.

The life insurance deal that the other susandennis bought apparently included a 5,769 email feature. Google couldn't believe it was all spam so I had to set up a rule to get it all deleted. I'm still getting 3 or 4 a day. But, at least I only know that because I looked in my spam folder.

Today is laundry day. If I can't wash me, at least I can wash my clothes.

Better get on it.
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