Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dan and Darrell

At 8:20 two guys were at the front door phone box. I answered and heard a chipper voice say "We here and we're ready!" Dan and Darrell. Dan is a tall nice looking beanpole white guy. Darrell is a fairly hot muscled black guy. They are nice and friendly and articulate and enthusiastic. Exactly the kind you want for a job like this.

They first wanted the water shut off valve. I said 'alexa, turn on fan light'.

Darrell missed ZERO beats and said 'alexa, play Curtis Mayfield.' So Curtis has been helping from the start.

I told them I was fine if they did not want to wear masks in here (but be sure to put them on in the hallway). They both said fine, thank you and left their masks on. Classy.

They just took the first load of stuff out so I got a pic. YIKES.


They are wasting no time and apparently have done this before.

Biggie is on patrol.


I set up one of the web cams so I can see what they are doing as long as they have the door open.


They are now cutting the tub into bits. Curtis is getting drowned out.

It's all so cool.
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