Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My bathroom is small. About as small as you can get with a sink, bathtub and toilet. But, man, there's a lot o' shit in there. I started pulling it out and I felt like I was emptying a clown car. And I didn't even touch the stuff under the sink or in the two drawers. Wow.


And now she's naked as the day I moved in (early January 1992). Buhbye tub!

Biggie is well and truly freaked out by the massive change in routine. I got up too early. I took my shower too early. I was dressed before I even made coffee. Everything is out of order and he's not unhappy, just freaked.

The air in this neighborhood is 225. Way better than it was. But still Very Unhealthy. We have to get to 300 to get to plain Unhealthy. They are promising rain tomorrow. But they promised rain Monday and Tuesday. They are well and truly doing dart board forecasting at this point.

But, I don't care. Groceries are coming and the bathtub is going. I'm ready.

It's 7:30. Bathfittrs will be here between 8-10.
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