Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok. I'm ready

The before pictures have all been took. And the bathroom emptied of everything but essentials that I'll clear out in the morning. I moved a small free-standing shelf and discovered that it had been harboring some pretty aggressive looking dust bunnies so I cleared those out.

Biggie watched in fascination and intrigue. He thinks he's confused now... wait until tomorrow!

The fridge and freezer are about as empty as they have ever been. The freezer isn't really empty but there's a lot of space available. Putting groceries away tomorrow will not be a problem.

No change in the air outside but at least we haven't slid back to Unhealthy. Inside, however, Dyson says my air has moved up from Poor to Fair - Go me!!!

The Mariners sent me the game schedule for next year's Spring Training... I wonder if their version is written in ink or pencil.

Time for some Dead to Me, I think.
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