Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

We've moved up to Very Unhealthy!! But I called uncle anyway...

Things are getting better. The state numbers have moved from Hazardous to solidly in the middle of Very Unhealthy. My phone app is almost out of the Poor range. But, it is supposed to get worse again today. Sigh.


Since godonlyknows when I'll be able to get out for groceries, I gave up. I'm tired of old food. I need something fresh and crunchy that doesn't look like mold will be showing up by dessert. So I placed an order for Safeway to deliver. They had open delivery slots for tonight but tomorrow will be fine so tomorrow it is. It's rather luxurious to order up stuff and not even consider how heavy it will be to carry it up the stairs from the car.

I do feel a little bad about making someone come out to bring me stuff in this horrible smoke but hopefully they will be way younger than me with lungs that can recover.

My Safeway order does nothing for my Trader Joe's list but, hey, the smoke will be gone someday and then I'll make an in person Trader Joe's run.

The Mariners decided not to play last night. The moved the game to tonight and to San Francisco which has much better air than we do right now.

This whole thing is just beyond wild.

Tomorrow is the big day around here. SHOWER day! Bathfitters are coming into turn my scary life threatening, useless tub into a lovely walk in shower. I will want to take a shower in the morning but the rest of the stuff in that room can all be moved out today and then I can scarf up the shower stuff tomorrow morning. I need to move a small shelf and my scale out of the way and generally just get it all ready for them.

They are due here between 8 and 10 tomorrow. I'm very excited. I'm more excited about Friday when I get to walk in and talk my first safe shower.

No other big plans today.
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