Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Old Food

I'm hittin' the dregs here. I had some sandwich rolls in the freezer. After I thawed one and used it to make a sandwich, I remembered that I shoved them in the freezer because they were old and only good for croutons or breakfast casseroles.

On it I had some sliced deli ham that I also found in the freezer. It's that kind they stuff full of water anyway but unfrozen it was now water held together with tiny tasteless bits of ham. I thin it was in the freezer because it was gross and only good to cook with and I never cook with deli ham.

Me thinks I might either quit freezing shit that's not edible OR possible label this shit!

In the fridge I found crescent rolls. 2 cans. WTF? I don't ever even eat dinner rolls. These both expire on August 2, 2020. So how about some ham and cheese crescent roll ups?? Okedokey.

I think it's time to go through the fridge and freezer with a giant trash bag right beside me.

I have pasta. I have eggs. I have a little bread. I have some frozen meat that is truly fine to eat. And some potatoes. Assuming I actually ever do get to the grocery store and it is in, say, this month... I'll be fine. Oh and I have Spam and rice.

I need to quit eating the questionables and just toss them.

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  • Biggie 2021

    The Flickr album of all the days.

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