Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Improved... up from Very Poor to Poor!

My Dyson hot/cold fan measures interior air quality. It's been Poor for a couple of days now. This morning I checked and it was Very Poor. So I hit the Auto button. After a minute it kicked into high. So, to recap. I have the air conditioner on and a fan not 10 feet away on high. It's 62 degrees outside and 72 degrees inside. BUT... Dyson now says I'm pack up to Poor so yeah!!

My environmental footprint today is BigFoot but I do so like breathing.

Outside is still Hazardous. Trying to get up to improve to Very Unhealthy but failing. Yesterday they canceled the drive through COVID testing on account of the smoke. Today the sites are back open. Apparently they are in Pick Yer Poison mode.


Another day. Inside. I do need to take a load down to the dumpsters which is outside-adjacent. That could be exciting.

We have less than two weeks left of baseball. Like any Mariners' year, there have been ups and downs and almosts and WOW and OMG, Not Agains. Just fewer of all of them. I do wonder what next year is going to look like. It just occurred to me that my walk in shower is costing me very close to what I will save by not buying my baseball tickets this year. (the money for this year's tickets will just go for next year's plus a 15% kicker they are throwing in) Interesting... And a nice consolation prize.

I woke up super early thing morning which is fine. Fitbit and I agree that I got a great night's sleep. And it's practice for Thursday - shower install day. But it means I've done a mornings worth of internetting and breakfasting and it's only 8 am. I think I'll go take a shower.
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