Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Smoke for days

Apparently the forecasters were a little too Trumpy when they said the smoke would 'all go away' today. Now they are saying Friday. Seriously. Friday. Maybe. It's supposed to get worse Wednesday afternoon. I'm glad we aren't burning but really.

The nums this morning are solidly in the in the Unhealthy range. And that rain they promised? Maybe Friday. Maybe not. My plans for housecleaning/grocery shopping on Wednesday are looking shaky. My plans for eating my way through the freezer and pantry overstock are looking solid.

At least me and Biggie are safe from COVID!

The Mariners have a double header here at home. So far they have not called it off but I cannot believe they will play. I am really very grateful that I am not responsible for making baseball decisions this year.

Oh and didja hear? A fairly large section of the tourist waterfront fell into the bay yesterday taking several people with it. The people were workers there working to shore it up. Ooops. The best view would have been from the ferris wheel. Good thing smoke and Covid has discouraged tourism around here.

It used to be that Murphy's Law was the answer to why shit happened. Now it's 2020.

It's massively inconvenient to have lived through this year (at least so far) but man, it has not been uninteresting. I've seen a lot in my life but this is really taking the Heisman.

Today will be... surprise... Crochet and TV!

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