Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I need muscle

I need my bed moved over 6 inches. Maybe 5. I moved the treadmill and I like where it is but it is a tight squeeze. 5/6 more inches would be so much better. But, there's the bed frame and the mattress and the hulking metal mechanism under the mattress that makes it adjustable. I think one bulked up guy and me could do it but no less. I don't want it done until after the shower guys come anyway. Then I might Task Rabbit the job. Or Dolly.

Having the treadmill along side the bed makes it kind of disappear in the bedroom instead of the first thing you see. Plus now it's facing the TV. I'm thinking I might want to use sit com reruns to watch while treadmilling. I loaded up the TiVo with a bunch. It's worth a try.

The air quality has declined today which is just not comforting. The forecast still says it will be better tomorrow but right now I'd love it if it could get up to Poor. Sigh. I made the mistake of checking the air quality in this house. I had forgotten that my Dyson hot/cold is also an air filter. And the app tells you how bad the air in my living room is. "Poor". Biggie's door lets in some bad stuff and there's just stuff in the air. On the up side, I'm not coughing and I can't feel it in my throat. My eyes feel kind of itchy but not fatally.

Tomorrow it will start to get better. I wonder if I write that a million times it will happen?
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