Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There used to be a large domed stadium across the street from me. The day they imploded it was a bright, cloudless, sunny day. For about 30 minutes after the actual implosion, everything went nearly perfectly grey. And the light was just eerie. Not dark but not light. More yellow/grey and translucent.

That's exactly what it looks like outside this morning. It's just eerie. The official air quality map is available only sporadically now. Not built for this kind of traffic. But, I don't need to check it. I can tell. The air sucks. And the forecast says that the air is going to suck until mid next week.

My twitter and instagram feeds are full of closures 'due to poor air quality' - restaurants and shops.

Next Wednesday will mark two weeks since I have been outside. And it looks like next Wednesday will be the first time I will get outside. It's house cleaner day. And I will finally get to the grocery store.

But between now and then, I'll be right here in this condo. As much as I hate the damn treadmill, I am very grateful for it now. I get on every morning and walk (slowly) for 25 minutes. It's not much but it's better than nothing.

So today will be more crocheting and TV watching and reading. The same and grateful for having it all right here in air conditioned comfort.

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