Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No pandemic bread but YES smoke cookies

One thing on my grocery list is cookies. No grocery today but, hey, don't I have some of that Betty Crocker cookie mix? Indeed I do! And now, some oatmeal chocolate cookies are baking their way into my life.

Meanwhile, the air is getting worse by the minute. I've seen it this foggy out - where I can see only the outline of the football stadium across the street - but this ain't fog.

That 192 this morning has now been seen and raised to 242.

Two of my favorite shops are closed today due to bad air. I mean yikes!

On the up side, it's supposed to break heat records here today - hottest day in mid September on record. But, what the hell do I care? I'll be right here in air conditioned comfort, thank you very much. Even Biggie knows better than to go out in it today.

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