Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today I can see it

The sky looks like pink fog this morning and the air quality sucks even more than it has. My house is 8 blocks from where the 192 red circle is measured.

They have extended the air danger warnings til Monday mid-day. It could be way worse in many ways and I'm still in only normal danger of catching fire.

And, after today, our temperatures start their decline into fall and winter. Finally. And, yeah!

BUT there is BIG news. Big. This time next week, I'll be within 7 hours of taking my first walk in shower in my own house!! Yes. Bathfitters called yesterday. They will be here to do the deed on Thursday.

They are the strangest outfit. I told them from the get go that my job was to pay and that Christian was in charge of everything else. They never grasped that at all. They told him two days ago the materials would be here Monday. Clearly they have the materials and probably have had them for a couple of days. They told us both that there would be one guy. They are sending two. They told us the install would probably be on a Monday or Tuesday. They told me yesterday the first available day was Thursday (but, as she said that she did not sound at all certain). They are off by a couple of pixels on everything they say - nothing critical or really even consequential but nothing spot on either. So weird.

I'll be happy to forgive all if, by 5 pm next Friday, I'm taking a walk in shower.

My rainbow crochet is coming along. I started out doing squares but realized that was not at all necessary so now I just keep going until time for a color change. Much less fiddly. And, with this stitch, you can't tell the difference.


When they moved the air warning to Monday, I decided to order grocery delivery. I had an order partially completed and then canceled. I have food here. Sure, there's stuff on my list I'd like to have but I don't need it. I have eggs and milk and bread. And a freezer full of other stuff. I keep saying I want to clean out the freezer and now is the time. So I'll go to the grocery store next week. $ saved!

I finally got hooked on Dead to Me on Netflix. I watched an episode when it first came out and it did not appeal. But, I'm into it now and there's a new season so excellent. Plus there are a couple of other interesting Netflix series and The Sounds on Acorn has a good start. So plenty to keep me entertained here inside with windows shut.
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