Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Air and showers...

Last night, I had a long think about air and my feelings about it. I decided that I was just being silly. I haven't even been outside in days. Lots of people come and go and are doing fine. I just need to get over myself. I decided to give it a test run today. Maybe even go run my errands regardless of the air quality.

And, then I slept on it. And today, I'm back to wimp. The phone app says the air quality right now is way worse than yesterday. 19 with 100 being excellent. The official Washington air map says it's not that bad, only 'unhealthy for sensitive groups'.

I'm actually worried about two things, and they are only a little related. And both solidly in the melodramatic pool.

1. Breathing bad air could bring on a COPD exacerbation which is a multisylabic description for several days/weeks of not being able to breath well at all and just mainly feeling like crap and wondering if my lungs are strong enough to get better this time.

2. And, honestly, this is the real reason. I'm afraid of embarrassing myself. Breathing in bad stuff can cause a coughing attack which is horrible and gross. I sound like I am gagging and going to die. If I was near someone coughing like that, I'd call 911 immediately. If this happened in a store or around anyone, I'd be nearly terminally embarrassed.

At my age and station in life, I do not need to prove anything. I can afford mentally, financially and emotionally to be as wimpy as I want. If I had to go out. If it were house cleaner day, for instance. I would. I'd strap on an N-95 mask and go kill an hour or more at Costco or somewhere. But, I don't have to go anywhere. So I'm not going to. So there.

In funny and fabulous news...

Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from Christian (the designer in charge of my bathtub to walk in shower project). Christian usually emails from his iphone and his notes are pithy. (Pithy and on point, always.)

Yesterday's carried the subject line of "WTF" and said:

Just left a rather pointed 3rd message for Cindy. So far, not impressed with customer service. [Cindy is the Bathfitter sales person. His first two emails, one Friday and one Tuesday, had gone unanswered.]

Then last night, I got a follow on which made me Laugh Out Loud.

Well the tenor and tone of my message got her attention.

He went on to say that my materials should be in on Monday and they will then schedule installation. "According to her, it should happen within a week."


So today I will be inside all day just conjuring up images of my new shower and breathing comfortably or at least where no one can share if I start to cough!

We have no baseball today so I'll go digging around my streamers for junk to watch while I work on my crochet. All will be fine.
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