Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Labor Day

I have a list of mostly inconsequential things I'm waiting to happen and none of them will happen today because it is a holiday. As a retired person, holidays are generally a pain in the ass for me. It just means another day when shit won't happen because it's not a 'business day'. Phfewey.

It would be a No Big Deal except retired people are also the people with the fewest days left in this world so to take one of the few I have left and just Stop The World (well, my world anyway) just seems rude.

Yeah, I know, bitch/moan/bitch/moan - ridiculous. Ok, I'm done.

As kensmind points out, the Mariners are on a winning streak and how many times does a fan get to say that? Precious few! I'm so very grateful for the Texas Ranger's horrible season and wish fervently that it lasts one more game. Also one of my favorite players is pitching today and I do not want to him to lose. Please.

I was watching that cute Canadian, Scott McGillivray's latest HGTV show which is so formulaic you only need to see one episode. I was just getting ready to stop and delete when he said 'I'm installing this magnetic door stop here to stop and hold this door open.' WHAT???? My bathroom door is not leveled well and so closes whether you want it to or not. I do not. For more than a year now, it's been held open by a bungee cord.

Off to Amazon... magnetic door stops. Holy Crap, Scott, why did you wait so long to mention this. There are a bazillion. They glue on and screw on and need to be low to the floor or up top or in the middle or not in wall board and this one doesn't hold and that one came with missing screws. (BTW, how the fuck did I ever make any buying decisions before Amazon reviews????) Finally I found one in brushed nickel like the rest of the bathroom fixtures, that also had a very strong magnet and it will be here today. So that should be a fun project.

My app says that the air quality is better than yesterday but I still think there's no reason to go outside. I think I'm going to go take what I sure hope will be one of last few showers where I have to step over the bathtub ledge and then do some Kindle reading and maybe some more clothes culling and other household todo's before the game starts.
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