Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Psychosomatic air quality

For several days now, I have felt like I was breathing crappy air. I have several apps and the internet to tell me what the air quality here is like and they all agree it is fine. It is not the very best but above 'good' standards. So either my lungs are having a problem or it's my brain and, honestly, I'm thinking the latter. But, really, what difference does it make? I have cough pills that stop my cough. Or imaginarily stop my imagined cough. I have an inhaler which makes breathing easier or makes my imagined labored breathing easier. If I had a curable condition or had decades of living yet to go, I'd worry. But I don't so what difference does it make?

Either way, I'm not shutting down the air conditioning or opening the door or going outside. Until the air feels better. I have the luxury of being able to easily make that choice without impacting one single other person in the world.

Two more weekend days. Not my favorite but at least both days have day baseball games and those are my favorite.

I'm going through my closet tossing out summer clothes I never wore this summer. If I toss out too many, I can just make more. My fabric stash is quite healthy. My Goodwill pile is getting a bit out of hand. I may have to make a special run.

I have CBS Sunday Morning to watch and then the baseball game, but first, I think I'll get me in some quality Kindle time.
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