Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Chicken Salad For The Masses

Yesterday I defrosted some chicken and made some very delicious chicken salad. But there was way too much chicken and now I have chicken salad for multitudes. It's that damn Costco chicken - still tormenting me. At least it's good.

And it's cold salad weather. This building has gotten all heated up again. Last night was the first night all summer when I seriously considered sleeping in the living room to be closer to the air conditioner. And we're looking at another whole week of this shit. But, then it will be gone so at least there is that. Also we have smoke coming from wild fires. Not that I need another reason to stay inside ...

That poor shower installer is going to have one sweaty job. The bathroom is a tiny space with only the one door and no cross ventilation. There's the exhaust fan and I have another fan I can set up for him but ugh. Of course, I don't know yet whether he will actually be here next week or not.

I did get an email from Christian (designer in charge of my walk in shower project) this morning saying if I hadn't heard anything, he'll bug 'em today for more into. I'm impressed that he's so on top of this and grateful. The designer I hired to help me redo the entire condo was good but not fab to work with. I hired her again about 5 years later and knew then that it was the last time. Plus she moved to London. I have no design projects in mind right now but if I ever did, it's nice to know that Christian is so good to work with - especially on the project management part which is where the other designer failed so miserably.

I finished my audio book this morning on the treadmill and it's time to pick another. Fortunately my wish list at the library has a lot of good options that are available. My Audible member ship comes off 'sleep' next month. I paused it to see if I really wanted to keep it or not. I think not. The library has plenty of audiobooks now and if that changes, I'll re-up.

I'm not thrilled about the three day weekend (retired people bitching) but since, hopefully, we'll have baseball again, I'm ok with it. We finally play again tonight at 6.

My fancy garbage bags arrive today - a week early! I'm looking forward to them more than is actually reasonable.

I have neglected my new Kindle habit for two days and that stops today. So I'm going to wash the breakfast dishes, get dressed and go read. Now.
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