Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's a day with nothing required. Lovely. Both Fitbit and I agreed, I had a lovely night's sleep. The treadmill walk was uneventful but productive. (Today Fitbit said I did 'sport' for 13 minutes. I actually walked for 25 but my imagination isn't as good as Fitbit's.)

Then I spent a fair amount of time on a call to CitiBank that had a very bad connection. Also their script for customer calls is both tedious and cumbersome. She asked me for my name and last four digits of my social security number 4 different times. I was dying to change it up for my own amusement but knew that would lead to heartbreak only for me. She wouldn't care one bit. I finally got what I needed. CitiBank is a comfortable place to bank once you get it all set up. But their set up is more than a little painful.

It's all done now, so cool.

And my social security payment landed safely. Looks like we are well and truly fixed after the July debacle (when my bank account info got changed very mysteriously).

It's laundry day here but I only have about two loads so no big rush to get it done.

I've got a really pretty square going that I'll finish up. I'm enjoying this particular afghan. There are only 5 different squares and I need a lot more. The pattern calls for repeats but I don't like repeats so I'll probably fill in from others. It's an 11 inch square. Pretty standard-ish. I think I'll go for 4 across and 5 down with a spectacular boarder. Of course, that plan is bound to change about 53 times.


Instagram gave me a nice chuckle this morning.

And just now I got a nice little hint of TV future. Jeopardy comes back on September 15. I've kind of given up on it mostly because I know Alex is going to die and that will be the end. BUT, I just read that they have hired Ken Jennings to do special stuff - consulting producer. I've been a huge fan of his since his first game on the show. My dream would be to have him step in when Alex dies and it sounds like that's exactly their dream, too. So I think I'm clear to prodigal up on this. Nice. p.s. I wouldn't hate it if they roped James Holzhauer in either.

Time now to get the day going. Actually past time. What a slacker I R.
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