Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I've been shot.

I started at Costco where I did get gas. I didn't need much but now I don't need any. When they opened the store, I shopped the endcaps to see what the deals were but didn't see any so I went to the pharmacy for my prescription. I was waited on by a really nice guy and we chit chatted a bit. I don't know what made me ask but I heard myself saying 'you guys don't do flu shots do you?'

Turns out they do all the shots that all the other drug stores do. They have no signs about it and their process is a little rough. Also they were short staffed but I filled out the form and waited about 20 minutes and got my shot! easy peasy all done. Nice.

Then I decided I was in the mood for some Safeway. The closest one is in the worst neighborhood but I hadn't heard of any shootings like in the last week so what the heck. Turns out they've got religion or something and totally cleaned up their act. It felt very safe and was very clean and bright and well appointed. I got everything on my list and then some.

I got three deli salads and just mixed them up for some lunch and they were DELICIOUS. So delicious that I may have to go back there the minute I run out and get more.

Like every place else, they will not let you use your own bags but unlike the pick up situation, they use plastic which suits me way better because now I have a new stock of trash can/litter box collector liners.

So now I have a happy tongue/tummy, a nicely stocked fridge, a clean house and nothing else I have to do. I might even postpone laundry til tomorrow. Why not?
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