Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, new plan

I had a plan for what I was going to do while the house cleaner cleaned. But, then she asked if she could come an hour earlier. Sure. No prob. Except then my flu shot appointment was too late. I'll just cancel and rebook. So I canceled. Ooops the next morning appointment is Friday! I could go in the afternoon/evening but that's not me.

Then I remembered Costco. If she's coming an hour earlier I can make Old People Shopping at Costco and pick up my prescription. And get gas (if I need it which I think maybe I do not). Then I think I'll head over to the neighborhood with the grocery store. There's a Rite Aid there. Wonder if they do flu shots. All of a sudden, I'm fine with just popping into a random place. Ha.

The Mariners do not play again until Friday. There will be double headers but one of the joys of summer is baseball every day and this year we're getting cheated off of our original cheat. Yeah, so many more, and more important, things to get pissed about.

The smorgasbord of things to be annoyed at, frightened by, dispared of, enraged by, and just generally negative about offers just too many options. I've never been a fan of all you can eat and I'm sure not this year.

Once I get home today, I need to do some laundry. But that's it on the old todo list. Don't want to wear myself out.

Now I need go to get dressed for the Big Morning On The Town... look out, Seattle!!
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