Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My families that I've never met

spacefem is doing this great series on sub reddits she follows. I love a good sub reddit so I'm glued. But... it prompted me to take the low road. Instagram families I stalk.

I am quite the snob about Facebook. Won't go near it. Or even close. But I am addicted to Instagram which is owned by Facebook and someday will be integrated and I'll have to give it up. But, until then...

I get so many knitting and crocheting ideas and sewing ideas from there. Constantly, every day. Way too many, actually.

But also I love my Instagram families.

Allie Richmond is the mother of four tiny girls. Three are triplets. I've watched those triplets go from swaddling babies to three year olds. I share absolutely nothing with Allie (as is true for most of my InstaStalkees). But I love watching her children and her house and her husband and family and their goings on.

Andrea Tharpe lives in the south in the country. She has 4 kids plus the odd foster child now and again. Anna Grace loves all animals and spends her time and energy learning about them and caring for them. Her older brother is a fabulous older brother. Her little sister was, as she loves to say often, born in China! and her little brother is Deacon who is flat out hilarious at all times. Andrea is part of what seems like a ponzie scheme of household oils (also Allie, above is now, too) but I just flick through those entries. Mostly I just love seeing all the things her kids are up to and the joy and humor she uses to share them.

Steve Greig is the father to a house full of elderly animals. At any given time he has five or six or more dogs, some with sight, some with teeth, some with hearing, some not. He has a pig named Biknini who has her own bed and last year got a fireplace for Christmas. He has Tofu the turkey and Betty the chicken and they are all wonderful.

Joy Eggerichs Reed and her husband, Matthew, are from somewhere in the midwest and live in downtown Paris, France. They have a little girl name Millie and recently added a baby boy. They have adventures in France.

And, finally, Kecia Cox. Kecia and her husband live in Utah and have 6 amazing daughters. Two nearly grown, twins that are 7 or 8 and two adopted from eastern Europe both of whom have special needs. And then they have Noah. I started following them when they brought baby Noah home from, I think, Romania. He, too, has special needs but even more importantly he is profoundly special himself. He rules the entire family in the best possible way. They have marvelous family traditions. I love their birthdays. And I love that they share it all.

There are more but these are my core. I've been watching all of these now for more years than is even probably healthy. I watch mainly their stories - the little videos. I know none of them at all and will never meet any of them and, yet, if something happened to a single one, I'd be devastated.
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