Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just saw notice that they have started filming Series 6 of Line of Duty. Line of Duty is one of my all time favorite shows. Something about it makes me care very deeply about the characters. It's weird. When I see one of them in another show, I immediately think... ahh undercover work!

I know it will be ages before we see new scripted TV again and most of it will suck but still, I can't wait.

I did remember last night that I had forgotten to watch the Netflix series about Madame CJ Walker. It's only 4 episodes long but better than nuthin! I still have three to go.

Tomorrow is my big outing. Well, big because it's about my only outing. Groceries and flu shot and maybe Goodwill and maybe Costco. But, probably not the latter. I have another prescription to pick up but there's no hurry. And I want to go at 9 so maybe I'll save that for another Big Outing.

Today I need to get my grocery list organized. Also I need candy which I can get at the drugstore when I get my flu shot. I have not been in a drug store since March. Wonder what else I need there.

All of this is, of course, because it's housecleaner day. And a big one. I think I can finally leave the air conditioner off so she can vacuum. Her Dyson is such a power sucker that when the air conditioner, or the fan (ironically a Dyson fan) are going and she turns it on it flips the breakers and she freaks out.

So she has not been able to vacuum in a while. Which actually is fine since I have the Eufy robovac and he works hard when she's not here.

I do need to leave the house today, however. I want to go see the new mural that the people next door had painted yesterday. I saw pictures of their painting it but I want to see the final product. They are a weird little half wine/half gift shop and were the first to put up ply wood and then paint a mural on it. Then they took it down for about a week and then they put it up again and did a new mural. Then yesterday they painted over that and now I need to go see what they have done.

But that's the extent of the planned activity. No baseball. No heavy todos. Just a normal pandemic day.
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