Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Where are your masks?????

Lately, when I dream, I have an extra layer of frustration. The people in my dreams are not wearing masks! Not only is it illegal here in the state of Washington but also I do not want to get or spread a dream case of COVID-19. I need to those dream people to mask up!

Of course, I'm not wearing one either when I sleep so there's some swiss cheese logic to all of this.

There are some interesting things that happen to your body when you get old. In addition to the wrinkles. One is that you start growing weird stuff on your skin. Warts and moles and wart/moles and skin tags and all kinds of stuff. Plus your skin dries out extra fast and extra dry. At least this is my case. It's lovely. Not. They are all itching this morning. I need to take a shower and get creamed.

It is cool enough this morning to have the door open and the air conditioner off. On the down side, somebody's doing something nearby with an industrial chain saw. Lovely.

It is lovely to realize that we are not that far away from the day when I can pack up the air conditioner and put it back into it's winter storage spot. When I was growing up, Summer lasted until at least Halloween. It was not unusual to still be swimming outside (in unheated pools*) until the first week in November. I never ever ever am not grateful for Seattle's cool Septembers. It does look like it's going to heat up again later this week but maybe not too much.

*I was a full blown adult when I first heard about heating a swimming pool. I did not believe it. Why in fuck would someone heat the water in a swimming pool. We used to put a giant ice block in ours. I did not have an internet to check when people were pulling my leg so I limped a lot.

I dropped off the Pixel 4 at the post office on Friday. They said it would get there Wednesday. Today, the tracking number says it's out for delivery! They website says I should be paid in 2 days. I'll be glad to get that behind me.

Today's baseball game is at 1 which is just handy for me. Tomorrow we're scheduled to play Oakland but... Oakland's had to cancel games because of positive cornovirus tests. Right now the game is still on but...

I'm knee deep in crocheting a fun cardigan pattern. Today I need to sew it together before I can see how much more I need to do on it. For sure I need to add pockets. Nice baseball crocheting.

But first that shower and lotion before I just itch to death.
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