Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For years, when I worked for IBM, I moved every 18 months. To a different state. IBM hired movers who packed up my shit and hauled it to the new area code and unpacked it. Every year and a half. It was great and I loved it.

But, then I moved to Seattle and ran into a problem. I fell in love with the place. Instantly. Madly. And, sure enough, 18 months later, IBM said 'hey, how about Phoenix??' and I said 'hey, how about a divorce'. And I've lived here ever since.

It was a shock, however, after about two years when I discovered the horrible mess that had accumulated under the sink in the bathroom. Just junk on junk crammed in there higgily piggily. Turns out, when you don't move ever 18 months, you have to clean that shit out yourself!! That was a blow.

I keep my opaque shower curtain pulled across the tub because the shower curtain is a hand painted work of art. But, this morning I didn't pull it - just forgot, I guess. When I went back in there, my gaze fell into the tub, onto the bathmat that's in there to keep me for falling on my ass, and it is disgusting! Gross. The top is fine but it's transparent and the bottom is just accumulated soap scum and I don't want to think what else.

I thought, crap, I need to get in there and scrub that.

And... then I thought, I do NOT!! In two weeks it will no longer be needed and get tossed out with the tub.

Nice. Rather drastic way to get rid of a nasty bath mat but not as drastic as selling the place and moving!
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