Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yer doin' it wrong

There is another friendzy going on...

Last time or two times ago, I went through the entries and added people who's journals I might like to read. All had private journals so until they added me to their list, I could not see what they wrote. None added me.

This time, I went through and discovered that all of the people I wanted to add, I had added before and were never added back so my add did nothing.

Today I added comments to their entries expressing a desire to read their journals.

I mean isn't that why you add your information to a friendzy? So that you can get more people to read your journal?

I don't often add my own information because they questions they want you to fill out really aren't relevant to me. I don't have favorite songs or movies or animated gifs. And it seems rude to chime in but not follow the rules. Plus my journal is already 99% public so no one needs to be added to my list to get access.

So here I am trying to play the game but not doing it right. Oh well.
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