Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday Sunday

I just got a text from Noel asking if I heard the 'rift raft' last night. I'm guessing he meant the chatter down on the street about 8:30 - pretty normal actually. I'm sorry he missed the dudes doing donuts in the parking lot at 2 am. Oh well, he just needs to visit more often. Maybe they don't have 'rift raft' in Arizona. On the up side, I responded and heard nothing back so we don't have to be text buddies. Whew.

It just occurred to me that the guy who lives on the other side of him is also named Noel. How weird is that?

I got kind of a late start on the day but I had done the treadmill, made and ate a lovely breakfast. Read a lot of the news until Biggie decided it was his turn with the paper...


I keep a calendar open in a tab on my laptop. And I keep a month's worth of days open on that calendar. Today's view takes us through the 26th of September. I've heard as you grow older time passes more quickly. An explanation for this was that sameness isn't noticed as much so when things are the same day after day, time passes faster. I think this latter is more indicative of 2020. At least for me. I'm not sure I mind it or it that it matters, it's just interesting.

I remember exactly the days before the pandemic changed my life. On Sunday, I had a lovely brunch with seattlejo in West Seattle. We had a great visit. But the cloud was visible... social distancing was already starting to be a thing. We were washing hands but not wearing masks. And she noted, as we talked, that my going to the gym every day to swim was not maybe all that safe. I knew she was right but still...

On Monday, at 4:45, I was standing outside in the dark with the usual suspects as we waited for them to open the doors. One guy worked downtown and he said that there was zero traffic since everyone was working from home. At least they haven't closed the gym, we all agreed in relief. And I had a lovely swim.

And that was it. Later that day, the governor closed everything and told us all to stay home. A week or so later, the bridge between me and the gym was shut down before it fell down. So even if the pool were to open, getting there would be a problem.

Life changed irrevocably. At 71, even if it all one day resembles what it was, I won't be around to see it.

I'm actually ok with that. I'm in the Grateful For Every Day camp. What comes next could be and probably will be even more amazing than what's behind. It's been fascinating to live through this pandemic so far and I have no reason to believe that won't continue.

Oh! Biggie's given up on the paper so I can finish reading it. But I need a shower and then I need my Kindle time and there's CBS Sunday Morning to watch. Happily the baseball game isn't until 1 so I probably have time to get all this done. And if I don't? NBD.
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