Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I read this morning about an elderly man who was attacked in a parking garage near here and had his car stolen. I thought, poor old guy. The I read he was 70. Younger than I am! Poor young guy. I actually do not worry about people stealing my car. I have a one of maybe two, probably one green Smart Cars in all of Seattle. There used to be another one in Bellevue but I haven't seen it in years. It's a sad robber who, out of a city of white and black SUV's picks on a little green clown car.

Yesterday I was expecting a package and the tracking number showed it was delivered and it was nowhere. Today the tracking number now shows it will be delivered today. I must have been looking at the wrong tracking number but that's just hard to imagine. Or I could be losing my mind. Or I could be that poor old woman. Who the fuck knows.

It's more yarn so clearly something I really need. Also being delivered today is a Biden/Harris mask.

My Mom had a lovely little collection of political buttons. Some really early ones and then, starting with I Like Ike, they kind of got routine. But they were cool to look at. I'm starting my own collection of political masks. I hope hope hope it will be a complete collection... of one.

Now that I have successfully acquired the habit of treadmilling first thing in the morning every day... (Fitbit is still picking a different exercise every day. Today was Outdoor Bike. Yesterday was Sport. Monday was Elipital. Yes, I can assign it 'treadmill' but I do love the variety and all I care about is steps.)

I need to work on a new habit. Kindle reading. I have several books queued up that I want to read and, yet, I never even pick it up. I 'read' my audible book every night before sleep and while on the treadmill, but Kindle stuff, just never gets read.

So today I start... I need to find a comfortable time and place to set aside and do it. I have a couple of good 'place' options. Now I need times. Sometime that my brain will just naturally say 'ok time to kindle!'. I'm kind of thinking mid-morning. But, this could need some testing.

I have more crocheting planned for today and TV watching as well. The baseball game isn't until tonight.

Now I need to get dressed.
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