Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Enjoying internet

This time yesterday my world went dark... for 3 hours. It turned out not to be fatal. But, still...

I got my Pixel 4 phone back. The fact that this guy thinks I sold him a phone that is 1. broken and 2. I knew it was broken and lied about it just wigs me out. It does NOT have a yellow tint. But, hopefully, I'm minutes away from being done with him. Paypal made the refund really easy. They refunded the fees and gave me a nice accounting all in one go.

I fully intended to re-list it on Amazon and Swappa and try again but I googled. And found a place that would pay me $314 for it and pay postage to get it. I googled the place (Gadget Pickup in Florida) and it has great reviews. I did some math. Selling on Amazon or Swappa will cost me about $40 plus $25 shipping plus the $25 I already paid... And chances of my selling it for more than about $425 are slim. Plus the hassle. So fuck it, I'm taking Door Number One.

I signed up, got a prepaid tractable postage label, boxed it all up and drove it to the PO. Done done and done. I should get the $$ next week direct into my checking account via Zelle. The end.

I spent a chunk of today catching up on episodes of Wild Bill on Britbox. Rob Lowe always plays the same guy and never well and I just can't not watch him. I'll admit it. I'll also admit that Britbox has the worst user interface on the planet. Great shows but man are they tough to find, find episodes, refind. There's good, there's meh, there's bad and then there's Britbox.

I have about a million different yarn projects in process. Seriously, it's ridiculous. So I started another one today. It will be a lap robe or bed blanket depending on how the yarn lasts. I love the colors.


The yarn to finish my magic cardigan was delivered today but has gone completely missing. It was delivered at the same time as the phone but is no where to be found. It will turn up or I'll file a claim. Good thing I have other projects to keep me busy!
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