Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good morning??

So... years ago, this guy bought the unit next door. Noel. Nice enough guy. He lived there for several years and then moved to Arizona (a girl, I think). And he rented out his unit. He had one renter for a few years, a rather unfriendly guy with lots of base in his music. He moved out and was replaced by a pair of whackos who lived there for several years and made noise and kept the hallway full of pot smell. One died and the other finally moved out about a year and a half ago.

Noel, still in Arizona, said they trashed the place and he was going to redo it all. It was about 9 months before anything started. They finished up about 4 months ago. It's been listed for rent.

His parking space is on the street level. Mine is down one level requiring stairs. At one point I asked him if we could swap since he wasn't using it and shouldn't really care where his renters parked. He, very nicely said sure! Would $300 a month be reasonable? WTF? No. I explained I was looking for a no money swap. He finally did end up renting it to someone here in the building.

He's nice enough but not exactly fully fitted in the brain area.

This morning, at 8 fucking am he calls me. "hi! I'm next door. Wanna see the changes I made over here?" What he meant was. "I'm here for the weekend and I forgot to bring toilet paper, do you have a roll I could borrow or buy from you?" But he did not say that. I put on my wig and mask and abandoned my coffee and breakfast and went over and toured his unit. And then he asked for the toilet paper and oh, could he come iron his shirt and pants?

While he was ironing, he told me that anyone who dies of an illness these days they are just labeling it COVID -19 so they can get the numbers up.

Doncha love having to make small talk with a genius first thing in the morning? It's my favorite. I'm still pissed about that parking spot thing. But, also, really, if you need toilet paper and ironing, at least put on a fucking mask.

Oh and he told me he was tested last week and it came back negative so he was safe. (Oh? really? And were you the only person on your flight here? And did you not go through two airports full of people? And have you been in isolation since your test? No? Well, then put on your FUCKING MASK!)

So, that's how my morning as been so far...

One of the changes he made was ripping out the tub for a walk in shower. I was surprised that it did not feel bigger. The tub feels so big, I had in my mind that the space would be roomier. I'm so glad I saw his and got my expectations reset.

The return phone which is due here on Monday is arriving today. It will be nice to get that sale closed and start a new one.

Our days are staying hot but our nights are getting cooler. I asked the air conditioner if he could hang for another week or two and he said, yeah that he didn't have big plans for after anyway.

I think I'll go brush my teeth and take a shower. When Noel called, I slapped on my wig, and one of by big dresses but didn't bother brushing my teeth... finally found the up side of having to wear a mask!
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