Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Off the grid

I was just sitting here watching the ballgame this afternoon about 2ish... The TV announcer I hate was working my last nerve, so I had just put the TV on mute and fired up the MLB app on my phone to get the radio broadcast. So it took me a minute to catch on to what happened but BAM... no internet. no cable tv.

It finally came back on about 5:30 but it was a looooooooooong time for me to be without. I've got no interest in living off the grid. None.

I did meet, via twitter, a new neighbor. A guy who lives on the 3rd floor. Just moved in in July. He was pissed. He does not have the half dozen years of nearly zero interrupted service to know this was not common at all. So not common that the support people aren't really equipped enough to deal with outrage.

But, it's all fixed now. So yeah.

I did laundry today and gave myself a haircut (and caught all the hairs in paper towels so no mess just like legalmoose taught me.

Oh and I got a package today. I ordered some yarn from England a way long time ago. They sent it in three packages. The first two got here very quickly. The third one was 12 days from being declared officially lost at the Royal Mail. Instead today it showed up!

And, finally, I saw this thing this morning:

While schools have been eliminating physical education during the pandemic, one school has an alternative to help keep students active and also help their communities. Alternative Learning Center (ALC) in Dubuque, Iowa, can now receive physical education credits by helping seniors or those with disabilities with their yard work.

I love this idea so much. It's so perfect.
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