Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good news, Good news, Good news and then BUMMER!

Earlier this week siobhan63 's Blue Jays took one of my favorite players. Ok so he hasn't played well since early last year but he was a great guy to have on the team and they took him. I dealt. But today they took a guy who is not only a favorite but a great pitcher!! I am done donating to Canada. Keep yer mits off my team.

But, in good news... I did hear back from the bath fitter lady and all is fixed. She's getting the building manager what he needs today which should give him plenty of time to get his approval from the board. She also fixed my billing situation so I can use the card that pays the most cash back.

The phone that is coming back will be here Monday so I can relist it.

So, really, except for the Blue Jays, things are good. Damn Blue Jays.

Yesterday at Costco I found a breakfast casserole.


I generally love Main St. Bistro stuff. So I gave it a go. This morning I spooned some into a dish and baked it for 30 mins. I could have nuked it but I like the crusty edges baking gives it and I was a about 30 minutes away from ready anyway. It's good. It's not the best thing ever to cross my tongue but it's good and tasty and easy. I spooned the rest into individual baking dishes and see that it makes 7 breakfasts for $15 and precious little effort. Not a bad deal at all. I will absolutely go back and get another one. Having these all dished out and oven ready will be a great thing to have on hand. I know they will freeze well, too.

Today may be 14 innings of a baseball double header or no baseball at all. I suspect the players are just now getting together to figure that out. I get it either way.

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