Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Costco believes even you are old...

Costco has an hour for old people from 9-10 Monday-Friday. Twice now, I have observed that their 9-10 hour starts about 8:45. But today I also observed that old people now come in a wide variety of ages - many clearly born way more recently than you would suspect. Then, as I got back to my car, I heard the parking trolley collection guy tell a 30-something 'Oh yeah, we open at 9 now.' So there you have it.

But, even with all the young people jamming in, it wasn't one single bit crowded. All of the checkout people looked like Maytag Repairmen... lonely. I used the self checkout and felt guilty about it.

I got a baked chicken and a Main St. breakfast casserole which, if any good, may mean a return trip as early as next week. And drugs, which, I'm hoping will carry me into January.

It was blessedly cool out. 62 in the shade and not even that much warmer in the sun. Really lovely. I did not get gas because I still have a half tank and I can get some when I go back for another breakfast casserole.

Now I am home. The baseball is an afternoon game today which is lovely.

I have a few things that are stressing me out. I kept worrying about each of them. And it was starting to piss me off. Finally, last night, as I was going to sleep, I revisited each one and decided that it didn't matter. None of them. Worst case, my shower gets delayed. I'd be disappointed but it will get done. I'd love to hear a response to the emails I sent the nice Bathfitter lady but, not hearing back from a sales person after the sale is made is not a good indication of their service. The package from England will get here or not eventually. My worrying about it is going to do nothing to change the process and will annoy me. Ditto with the whole phone sales thing.

Several times I have started to worry about one of those things only to remember that I decided not to worry about it. So far, it's been a lovely morning.

Oh and I discovered after I ordered that none of the 'reviewers' had actually tried the thing. They were given a device but the software to use it is not yet available so they were holding and reviewing, essentially, a dummy. I'm going back and forth on whether or not to cancel my order. I have pretty much a month to decide.

Biggie is lounging here in the living room grateful that I haven't turned on Eufy. I gave Eufy a nice thorough cleaning yesterday. Today I looked at ordering a new brush and discovered that parts for the thing are dirt cheap. Especially the parts you tend to wear out. The Eufy is not a Roomba and does not do the things a high end Roomba will do but for the money, this sucker is one of the hardest workers in town. It does everything I need it to and more. And now to find out I can buy it new stuff cheap? Icing.

Ok, time to quit fiddle farting around and get down to some real serious fiddle farting.
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