Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Save save save Spend spend spen

Starting in March, my spending tanked. I tracked it. In April, I spent 55% less than usual. In May, it was 48%, June 49%, July 48%. But... that shit's over.

I am now a spending money machine. First the phone. Then the shower and today I just bought a $350 watch.

It's the watch I've wanted. A Fitbit Sense. It's got all kinds of sensors on it to track and detect and warn and etc, etc, etc (I just watched the King and I on PBS last night.) NFW would I have an Apple watch but someone my age who lives alone can probably use some early warning detection... It was a pre-order. The thing doesn't ship until the end of September so if I die before then, bill_schubert find some hot lawyer and sue the shit out of Fitbit for not sending it to me sooner.

But, meanwhile, there is calm and comfort to know that My Next Tech Thing ™ is selected, paid for and on the calendar.

And all those corona virus savings are going into very fun stuffs. Massive retail therapy.

I was going to go to Costco today but I'm just not feeling it. Tomorrow will be fine. I even checked and it's not the first day of their monthly flyer sales so it will work just fine.

Today I have a sewing project I want to get done.

The Mariners were off last night but play tonight. They sold one of my favorite players to siobhan63's Blue Jays. Daniel Vogelbach is a walking beer keg of a guy. And when he could hit he really did barrel that thing out of the park. Sadly, however, started last September, he just flat forgot how to hit. I cannot fathom why the Blue Jays want him but, as much as I love they guy, I am relieved he is no longer taking up space in my lineup. As somedayseattle says, maybe he just needs a change. I hope he gets there and finds his glory (and then loses it again next year when we will, invariably, face the Jay's once again).

We have more days of mid-70's which, with the sun, is still too hot for me BUT I am exceedingly grateful that we do not have smoke in the air or a hurricane blasting towards us - so heat? Yo, A/C, you good for it? Thanks, man.
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