Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Stupid buyer - Great Bathfitter

Yep, I thought something was off with the guy who bought my phone. Sure enough, he says my Pixel 4 suffers from 'yellow screen'. Google warmed up the screen with the Pixel 4 and, when it first came out, there was bitching. This guy says it's a fault and he compared it to his girl friend's and so he's returning it. He's paying for the return shipping but I am, of course, out the original shipping. I could make a stink but life it too short and he's an asshole. At least Swappa has ways to deal with this. I left the money in PayPal until I heard he was fine with it so really, I'm only out the $22 and time. Still. Asshole.

BUT on a way better - actually fabulous note - the Bathfitter lady was amazing. She brought two kind of brief cases and kept pulling shit out of them Mary Poppins style. She even had a little bathtub. It was hilarious. Sooooo many choices. Christian was a huge help with all the decisions and he made good ones for good reasons. And Cindy the Bathfitter lady was also very helpful.

Before she got here, Christian told me that he recently redid an entire bathroom like mine. Replaced the tub with walk in shower, replaced the vanity, lighting, floor, repainted - all of it. They used the most economical stuff that Home Depot had to offer and the contractor who does lots of work in this building. And it came to $20k. And it took six fucking weeks!

He wanted to bet on what we think the bathfitter deal would cost. He said he was thinking somewhere under $10 grand. I had been thinking $6 but didn't have a chance to weigh in before she actually arrived.

Turns out the bottom line was $7352. We upgraded on the shower hardware - hand held, plus shower head and fancy valves. Tall corner storage. One long grab bar.

And it truly is one day. One guy comes in and is done by the end of the day. They will call in two weeks and give me the day. It might be as early as September 9!

I'm very jazzed.
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