Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bathfitter day

Today's the big day except not until 3 pm. I now am stressed that it will be way more expensive than I think is reasonable, I'll hate Cindy, it will be months before they can squeeze me in, the HOA requirements will fuck me up, she won't show. Expect the worst so you will be pleasantly surprised at even the medocre.

I did notice last night that there has developed a rather large crack in the grout between the bathtub and the wall. It's like it's trying to leave on its own. I'd rather it wait until the replacement shower is ready to go in.

I finally got all my prescriptions refilled and ready all at the same time. One trip. Costco really is good at pharmacy. And works well with Humana. Plus that new inhaler I got at the beginning of the year is a nice bit cheaper than the old one. Important since I'm now in the Medicare donut hole and so paying for way more of my drugs out of my own pocket. This new inhaler is less than $75 a month. The old one was closer to $150 a month. I'll go pick them all up tomorrow and, since there's nothing else on my Costco list, I think I'll snag me one of those cheap chickens.

My old phone will get to its new owner today. Always a little stressful. I want him to be happy with his purchase.

I have a couple of little sewing projects to do today and some tidying up to do. Not too heavy a schedule. But, I think I'll go ahead and get started now.
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