Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday trip

Yep, I'm leaving the condo today. I'm going to take down the garbage and recycling. But, I'm also expecting a couple of Amazon packages so there may be 3 trips 'outside' or one if I'm clever enough to get them all in one trip. Big doins'. I took a shower for the occasion.

Biggie does not like Eufy the robovac. He's not afraid, he's just disapproving. Right now the vac is roaming around doing its job and Biggie is out on the terrace staring in at me with a look that says 'it or me, make your choice'. Sorry, Biggie, but Eufy is doing important work and, honestly, you are not.

I just got a text from Bathfitters confirming tomorrow's appointment. Initially, I was told that Gerald would be here but apparently Gerald has had a name change. The text said it would be Cindy. No matter to me. Just get here and wave your magic shower wand.

My fridge is empty again. I have some staples but not much else. And I have no inspiration. My freezer is full but it's mostly full of items for big winter meals. I'm not into big and it ain't winter. Sometimes, I just run out of food inspiration and this is one of those times. I have pasta and rice and potatoes and milk, eggs and cheese Diet Dr. Pepper so I'm not food destitute. Just food bored, I think.

My new phone continues to delight. I knew I missed the fingerprint reader. I just did not know how much. A lot, as it turns out. Especially with secure apps. That face recognition thing was not even that good in theory and sucked mega balls in practice. The only con to this new phone is volume. It's just not loud enough for these old ears. I have to use earphones on the treadmill to hear my book. But, at least they are the very easy plug in kind.

I need to get into the kitchen and clean it up from my very ho hum breakfast and then watch CBS Sunday morning and then the baseball game. Very busy day here. Plus that outing!
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