Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

LJ for a double win

I spent way too much time today on They had a lot of great puzzles but also have a load your own option. A while back daphnep turned me onto an artist I really love - Damian Elwes. So I built and put together a bunch of Damian Elwest jigsaw puzzles. So addictive. And I don't have to fight Biggie for puzzle pieces.

Tonight siglinde99 solved a problem that I've been stressing about for weeks. My flu shot. I always waltz into Bartell's (a local chain). They offer free bandaids with each flu shot. I haven't been in a Bartell's since March and did not relish spending a 30-45 mins there filling out the form and waiting. Last week, I checked my doctor's clinic's website and found no flu shot news. I figured after Labor Day, I'd kick the situation into high gear and get it solved.

But, tonight siglinde99 mentioned getting an appointment at her grocery store... what??? I went right to Bartell's website and, guess what? They have appointments this year! I made one for a week from Wednesday (the next house cleaner day). Their form is slick. You fill out that form online and they have appointments every 15 mins. All done. On the calendar.


This afternoon, there was annoying noise over in the football stadium. They were practicing the national anthem and then crowd noise for a long time. Since it was cool, I had the door open. I was getting ready to shut it when they quit. Tonight I saw on the news that they were playing a kind of exhibition game. Weird. So weird.

Time for the weird baseball game.
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