Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My fitbit is sleeping with someone else... again

Last night I took forever to get to sleep and then got up to pee and could not go back to sleep and woke up about 4 and could not go back to sleep. Or so I thought. I lay there still and assessed. I am not stressed about anything. Nothing hurts. I'm very comfortable. No tossing and turning. Just no sleep. Or so I thought.

Fitbit says I was asleep most of the whole time. And that I slept very well. Better than normal. So weird. I did remember, that at one point when I got up to pee, I found that Biggie had emptied an entire box of cables and earphones onto the bedroom floor. A check this morning revealed that was absolutely NOT there case. There is no such box at all.

Maybe I dreamed that I couldn't fall asleep?

It was nice to get back on the treadmill this morning. I cannot believe I just typed that sentence. But it was. Safe and secure and mask/weather free. I think I've turned the treadmill corner. We're buds, me and Tready. I still think 25 minutes is lame but can't get to 30 so 25 it is. But I can do it every day and I think that counts for something.

Today is not supposed to get above 70 degrees. Heaven. Right now I have the door open. The people who have no air conditioning will get a much needed break today.

I have prescriptions to pick up at Costco but I think I'll let them percolate until next week.

I do have such sympathy for those who are going stir crazy staying at home. But, honestly, I think if I had someone who would shop for me and get mail, take down trash, etc and I didn't have the house cleaner, I'd be happy as a clam never leaving these walls. We'll never know for sure but I suspect.

And, if AARP disappeared, I'd probably never need to check mail. I swear their only mission is to make sure that old people never get cob webs in their mailbox. Junk mail is their product.

I just bought my last book on Audible.Com. I've been a customer of theirs for 10 years. But the libraries have just gotten so damn good about ordering audio books, that I can't justify the Audible fee any more. Plus their app gets worse and worse while the library's gets better and better. The end of an era.

Also ending is my love of Zappos. Their big play was painless returns. Returning is still painless but tracking down the refund has gotten to be a PIA. My last pair of shoes was returned to them and received on Tuesday. I used to get the refund within hours of UPS picking up the return.

Interesting, and sad for me, that both Amazon bought both these properties years ago. I love Amazon for many reasons but spoiling these two gems is not part of the love list.

Today brings a couple of projects. I need to redo my sofa pillow cover. The pillow itself needs to be bigger so I need to add more air. So my idea to sew the pillow into the over was a piss poor one. HOWEVER, I have figured out how to recreate the cover and make the too small zipper work so I will have to redo only once.

And then I have an idea for a new mask... out of foam. I need to test out my theory.

But before I do anything else, I need a shower.
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