Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No disappointment here

I did wait. I really did. I found some excellent stuff in Goodwill. I wanted one of those sandwich press gadgets that cost $30 that you use for a week and then put in the Goodwill bin. I got this exact one for $4. I will use it for a week and put it the Goodwill bin. Happy camper.

Then I went to Daiso with a list of 3 things and found all three which never ever happens there.

On to Uwajimaya where I could not find pepperoni but found everything else. I don't think you can fault a Japanese grocery for not having pepperoni. I did get a poke bowl for lunch and some sushi for dinner. I'm set.

Then home to play with my new phone. It really is a great little phone. It feels so nice in the hand and OMG am I ever glad to have my fingerprint reader back. It's worth it just for that alone but also I got an earphone jack! It's so light weight. Setting up a new phone is just so slick these days. It really takes no time. I feel like I've been picking it up and turning it on and doing stuff with it for the past 3 hours solid and the battery says it's at 95%. That's impressive.

I used it to take the photos to list the Pixel 4 on Swappa. And on Amazon.

Now I'm charging it up so I can put it in the box ready to go whenever someone comes up with the cash. So, compared to my usual ones, this day has been busy!!
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