Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tracker? Stalker? is there a diff?

I love a new gadget and a new phone is the peak in my gadget world. And, there is precious little going on around here. The combo of those two takes my obsession with the arrival of the new phone to new levels.

Yesterday, the charge landed in my credit card's pending list which I've been checking about 3 times a day for a few days. Then the Google Store status changed from delivery August 19-20 to delivery August 20-21. WTF???? Then about an hour later that status changed to Shipped and I got an email with a tracking number. For a couple of years Google used OnTrac which is problematic on its best days, but, happily, this year it's FedEx.

The FedEx website said it didn't know that tracking number. An hour later, it knew it and said it would deliver tomorrow but since it didn't yet have the goods, I was not giving that much hope. Then... about mid afternoon FedEx got the goods and still said tomorrow...

This morning, of course, I checked immediately to see my phone got there at 4 am and by 6 am they were reporting it sorted. The chances of having it in my hot little hand today are looking pretty damn good. FedEx generally gets here about noonish or earlier.

But first. Today is house cleaner day. I have a short list of Goodwill things to look for and then I need to pop into Daiso. It's interesting to me, that while cautious, I have nearly zero qualms about going either of these two places. Or to Uwajimaya. And mega qualms about going anywhere else. This tells me that my qualms are pretty much unfounded and out of proportion with the situation. But, whaddya gonna do. I think my reality is that if I want to go somewhere bad enough, I'll justify. Otherwise, I'll use the pandemic as an easy excuse to stay inside my house. I'm not at all sure how comfortable I am with that reality but as our wise, always eloquent president says 'it is what it is'.

And now FedEx just sent me an email saying my phone is Out for Delivery. I love those three words.
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