Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New shower before Halloween? Coleslaw now.

I waited and Christian sent me info this morning. We have a date with Bathfitters on Monday. He says it's generally about 3 weeks from quote/contract to done and it is, indeed, one day. Monday at 3 pm is our date for decisions. The reality is that I could do this without Christian.

But, I don't wanna. I want him to fix it with the home owner association and the building manager and I want him to be a second opinion all the way through. It's a luxury expense that I am more than happy to pay for. And I have no idea what he even charges.

In other amazing news, it took 50 years but finally I have replicated Kristy Jacobs' mother's coleslaw dressing.

Kristy was my roommate in college. Her parents owned a German deli in Maplewood, NJ. My parents lived in Manhattan. Kristy had a car (a beautiful 1964 turquoise Mustang with white convertible top). So when we weren't marching against the war, we'd high tail it to Manhattan (where we'd run wild while coping free room and board at mother and daddy's). Then we'd circle around Maplewood on the way back to school to pick up more free food. We had a standing order for a giant tray of sandwiches full of goodies but must include tongue. We both liked tongue BUT more importantly when we got back to school we could generously share "warning, they do have tongue in them. EWWWW no thank you!!" and still keep all for ourselves.

At the deli, they had the coleslaw of my dreams. A wonderfully rich, smooth, mayonaise-y dressing. I could eat my weight in in. It was so good. I watched her mother make in it these huge barrels and studied the ingredients. And then forgot everything but the taste and texture. I've been trying to replicate it ever since. I've come close but never hit it exactly. Until today.

Recently egg_shell posted a dressing recipe that she used with cucumbers. It switched on a memory light bulb.

I remember Mrs. Jacobs used Miracle Whip which I thought was gross to make her wonderful slaw.

So I got some and tried it out with mayo and sour cream and vinegar and sugar and BAM! nailed it! So wonderful. Thank you, Mrs. Jacobs.
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