Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's that time of year

This old (1904) brick and gynormous timber (some 18"x18") building can fucking hold its heat. It is 64 degrees outside and the sun is behind clouds. It is 75 degrees inside and the air conditioner has been running full on now for nearly a week. I hate to think how hot it would be in here without it. We have a week of mid-70's temperatures coming up so there is hope. But, geesh. I feel like Seattle City Light should send me a thank you note.

My treadmill situation left me a sweaty mess this morning. I feel like I need to get into the shower with a trowel. And speaking of shower, no word from Christian in a while. I hate for him to get in the habit of only sending me info when I ask. I'd like him to offer up updates on his own. I don't even know if we're still looking at bathfitters or not. Good thing I'm not hard over on getting this shower conversion done quickly.

The google charge for my new phone hit the pending section of my credit card today. This normally means it will be shipped today but so far it's still showing that I could cancel meaning the order hasn't yet gone to shipping. Which means that 'delivery August 19-20' is leaning towards 20. Not that I'm obsessed with this situation...

One of the people who routinely uses my email address recently bought life insurance. And, lemme tell you... if there is anything that produces spam, it's that small act. Holy crap on a stick. There's a great lesson here. IF you ever want to buy life insurance, make sure you use someone else's email or you will hear from every prince in Nigeria where everyone is, of course, a prince!

After my trowel shower this morning, I'll be taking a load of garbage and recycling down to the dumpsters. And after the rest that will require, I'll be doing more of the usual.

I did start yet another project yesterday. This makes... way too many to count.

But it's kind of fascinating. It will be a cardigan. But now it's a blob.


But, folded properly...


This is one half of the cardigan. The part off to the right is the sleeve with the shoulder on top. A mirrored version of this piece will be sewn up the center back. It's like magic. And dirt simple to make.

My next door neighbor finally has his unit listed for rent. It's been empty now for more than year. He made some repairs and refinished the kitchen and replaced the carpet. And, thankyouNoel, his listing says No Pets Allowed!

There are actually 5 units available for rent in this building which is pretty much an all time high. The units for sale are selling pretty easily but renting, not so much. Interesting. So so many years, we were pretty much the only living space around here but now there are lots of apartments so competition...

Time to go scrape off the dirt and get started on the day.
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