Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Such a different life

I'm current. I stay up to date on news and stuff. I know what's going on. But last night it was pointed out to me just exactly how many pixels off my view is from the rest of the world.

In Seattle, we have very little open. Restaurants have severely limited seating indoors (no groups more than 5 people and they all must live together). Bars must close at 10. Gyms are open with severe restrictions. Movies and bowling alleys remain shut up tight. And we have protests every day and every night in various parts of the city. Last night 18 people were arrested and police officers were injured less than a mile from here. Schools will not open for the foreseeable future. Masks are, of course, required everywhere by everyone.

Last night was in a video chat with my brother (60's Texas) and his two sons (late 30's/early 40's Iowa and Rhode Island). They are all living in worlds so vastly different from mine that it was shocking to me. One is dealing with the massive storms over the midwest last week. His own damage was minor but messy. The virus is history in his mind. The one in Rhode Island is a psychologist who is seeing patients in his very own - very small - living room. They talked about going to movies bemoaning the fact that there are no new ones.

I felt like a visitor from another planet. I had a hard time even processing. I dreamed about it all night. In between dreams about a group dance craze - ala macarena but way better. It was a busy sleep night.

And today it's back to just me, and Biggie, in my very different but really lovely life. My air conditioner is working so hard. I told it this morning that September will be here soon and it can rest then. At least between it and the ceiling fan over my bed, sleeping is quite comfortable.

In my building you can have Comcast, or Century Link or Wave for tv and internet. Century Link is a lame options but Comcast offers a lot and Wave offers almost as much in terms of speed and price. You could probably save a bundle by switching between the two every year or so and getting the 'new customer' package. I've had Comcast in the past and I don't hate them like so many do but I truly do love Wave. For their customer service. I just got an email from a woman I've dealt with many times saying that my account will be available for discounts in September for both TV and internet and she was just making sure I wanted them. YOU BET! But, wait, aren't I supposed to remember to call and beg for discounts like that? Nope. Not with Wave.

My new phone arrives this week. I do need to do some clean up on my current one so that I don't transfer shit over. Also Wednesday is house cleaner day so I'll be going out into the world. Until then it's just me and the treadmill - who today says I rode my outdoor bike.
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